Medina Light Ministries

Help & Hope for Medina County

We believe that the power and forgiveness of God can bring hope to any situation. Medina Light shares both practical help and spiritual hope with the needy of Medina County – through local jail ministry, community outreach, and the weekly Uncuffed meetings for women seeking to live productive, purposeful lives.

Through a dedicated team of volunteers and partnering churches, our vision is to provide real help and hope to those who need it most, and to share the light of Jesus with our friends throughout this community.

Jail Ministry

We bring the gospel and share the love of Christ to those incarcerated at Medina County Jail through Saturday morning Bible Studies, being on site to counsel those in need, and provide GED classes.

MCJ New Day Choir

Beginning is 2018 Medina County Jail has a women’s choir. It’s way for women to sing praises and be joyful in all circumstances and provides a sense of purpose in their current situation.

Uncuffed–Freedom Group

A group led by Medina County Jail Chaplain Susan Jarvis for women who are struggling with addiction, depression, anxiety,… anything. The group provides a way to navigate through seasons of life and shows there is a way to regain your FREEDOM.

Prayer Requests 

We believe in the power of prayer here at Medina Light Ministries. God listens to prayers and if there is anything you would like us to pray for you please let us know.

“Doing Life” Blog 

A blog written by co-founder, Susan Jarvis of Medina Light Ministries. Engaging, thought provoking writings centralized around the phrase, “Doing Life”.

Uncuffed Newsletters

A monthly newsletter distributed to jails, prisons, and individuals throughout the country to bring the good news. Uncuffed Newsletters and the Uncuffed Freedom Group go hand-in-hand reminding us that regaining our freedom isn’t only for those incarcerated.